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        This notice board belongs to Simon Pyatt.

        As well as working in the Silicon Laboratory
        I can also do PCB design, electronic and
        mechanical stuff.

        I also dabble in web design allegedly...

Research activities:

My role as research technician
involves working in the Particle
Physics Silicon Laboratory
assembling electronic components
for particle accelerator projects.

This includes extensive knowledge
of Ultrasonic Wirebonding and
ASIC packaging, including Chip On
Board assembly. I can also do one
off projects for other schools on the campus.

  contact me for more information.

Photo of Wirebonder      Photo of PCB connection                          Photo of PCD                

    Phone number:
    0121 414 4615.


Simon Pyatt,

The University of Birmingham,
School of Physics and Astronomy,
Particle Physics Group,
B15 2TT.

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Photos from Dowellfest July 2002

ROD backplane CERN April 2005
ROD backplane CERN May 2005

23rd of Jan TileCal installation
13th of Feb TileCal installation
27th of Feb TileCal installation
20th of March TileCal installation

Particle Physics Silicon Laboratory

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