Particle Physics Manager

This is the download page for the Particle Physics Manager game developed by Bimrngham University's Particle Physics group. It is currently in the pre-alpha stage and so has some way to go before recieving a proper release. However, it is under active development and updates should be posted on this site every week. If you wish to try it, please download the zip file below, unzip it and run the PPM3.exe executable within. Currently, this has only been tested with Windows Vista but versions for Windows, Linux and Mac will be available in the future. If you have any feedback on the general ideas of the game or the interface, please email Cristina.

Windows version

If you wish to rebuild from source, you'll need to download QT and the download and unzip the following:


Note that if compiling on a MAC, please go to Projects->Run Settings and make sure the Working Directory is set to:
If (when running) you don't see any objects rendered, this will be the problem.

Version 0.4 Updates

Version 0.3 Updates

Version 0.2 Updates

Version 0.1 Updates