NA62 experiment at CERN

I am the Principal Investigator on the ERC Starting Grant project 336581 "KaonLepton" dedicated to searches for lepton flavour violation in kaon decays at NA62, and the convener of the NA62 lepton flavour violation and rare decays working group. I have also worked on the development of the muon L0 trigger, and the design and construction of the KTAG subdetector. The main goal of the NA62 experiment at CERN, which is collecting data in 2015–2018, is the measurement of the ultra-rare kaon decay K+→π+νν to extract a 10% measurement of the CKM parameter |Vtd|. The experiment aims to collect about 100 K+→π+νν events (assuming the Standard Model decay rate), with a signal to background ratio of at least 5.

For more information about NA62 at Birmingham, see the Birmingham NA62 page.

NA62 (RK phase) experiment at CERN

NA62 (RK phase) experiment aimed at a precision test of lepton universality in kaon decays, and took data in 2007 and 2008. As the physics analysis coordinator of the experiment, I made led a lepton universality test via a measurement of ratio BR(K±→e±ν)/BR(K±→μ±ν) decay rates [PLB698(2011)105, PLB719(2013)326]. I have also completed a measurement of the rare decay K±→π±γγ [PLB730(2014)141].

NA48/2 experiment at CERN

NA48/2 was a high intensity experiment devoted to studies of charged kaon decays. My positions of responsibility included run coordination in 2003 and 2004. I completed a search for CP violating charge asymmetry and a measurement of phase space distribution of the K±→3π± decays, a series of precision measurements of rare and radiative kaon decays (K±→π±e+e, K±→π±μ+μ, K±→π±γγ), and the search for a dark photon in π0 decays.