Conference Talks, Seminars and Other Public Talks:

  • Evolving outreach talk: Higgs Bosons, Birmingham and the LHC
    Aimed at pre-university physics students / general interested public
    given most recently at Birmingham University undergraduate admissions open day, October 2017

  • Diffractive Physics at the HERA Collider
    from Workshop on Forward Physics & High Energy Scattering at Zero Degrees Nagoya, Japan September 2017

  • Low x LHeC and FCC-eh Studies
    from LHeC and FCC-eh Workshop, CERN, September 2017

  • Low x Inclusive and Diffractive DIS from HERA to Future Facilities
    from EIC User Group Meeting, Trieste, Italy, July 2017

  • Measurements of the Total Proton-Proton Cross Section with the ATLAS Detector
    from EDS'17 (Rencontres du Blois), Prague, Czech Republic, June 2017

  • Low x Physics and Saturation: from HERA to Future DIS and the LHeC
    from Saturation: Recent Developments, New Ideas and Measurements, Brookhaven, USA, April 2017

  • Diffraction at the LHeC and the EIC
    from the DIS17 workshop, Birmingham, UK, April 2017

  • Recent Diffractive and Related Measurements with the ATLAS Detector
    from the Lowx16 workshop, Gyongyos Hungary, June 2016

  • The HERA Legacy
    Plenary talk from the DIS16 conference, DESY Hamburg, Germany, April 2016

  • Lepton-Hadron Scattering at the TeV Scale: LHeC Overview and Detector
    from the DIS16 conference, DESY Hamburg, April 2016

  • Elastic and Diffractive Scattering at the LHC
    Heidelberg University Colloquium, December 2015

  • Overview of the Large Hadron electron Collider Project
    from the POETIC'15 conference, Ecole Polytechnique, Paris, September 2015.

  • Quantum Chromodynamics at the Large Hadron electron Collider
    Plenary talk from the QCD@LHC'15 workshop, QMUL, London, September 2015.

  • A Detector for the Large Hadron electron Collider
    from the EPS-HEP'15 conference, Vienna, Austria, July 2015.

  • Future High Energy Electron-Hadron Scattering: the LHeC Project
    Evolving seminar given most recently at RAL, February 2015 and QMUL, November 2014
    Also earlier versions:

  • ep Physics with H1 at HERA
    from the Symposium in honour of Pierre Marage and others , Brussels, December 2014

  • The UK Experimental Particle Physics Programme
    from the R-ECFA UK Country visit , RAL, November 2014.

  • Diffraction at the Large Hadron electron Collider
    from the Diffraction'14 conference, Primosten, Croatia, September 2014.

  • The Higgs Boson and Beyond (with Dave Charlton)
    from the University of Birmingham Annual Meeting, May 2014.

  • Impact of ATLAS data on Parton Density Functions
    from the DIS2014 workshop, Warsaw, Poland, April 2014.

  • LHeC Detector Design and Simulation
    from the DIS2014 workshop, Warsaw, Poland, April 2014.

  • Low x Physics at the Large Hadron electron Collider
    from the Workshop on the LHeC , Chavannes-de-Bogis, France, January 2014.

  • Stuff: What is it? An Introduction to Particle Physics and Accelerators
    Graduate summer school introductory lecture from the `Triggering Discoveries' meeting, Jammu, India, September 2013.

  • Heavy Ion Physics and the Large Hadron electron Collider
    from the Strangeness in Quark Matter conference, Birmingham, July 2013.

  • Diffraction at the LHC
    from the QCD at Cosmic Energies workshop, Paris, May 2013.

  • Diffraction and Soft Strong Interactions: Selected New Results from the LHC
    Seminar given at Pennsylvania State University USA, February 2013.

  • ATLAS Results on Forward Physics
    from the LPCC Workshop on Forward Physics at the LHC , CERN, February 2013.

  • Diffractive Processes and the LHC
    from the Workshop on Measuring Multi-Parton Interactions at the LHC , Tel Aviv, Israel, October 2012.

  • Strong Interactions and QCD at the Energy Frontier
    from the Open Symposium on the European Strategy for Particle Physics , Krakow, Poland, September 2012.

  • Recent Experimental Results on Soft Strong Interactions
    Plenary talk from ICHEP 2012 , Melbourne, Australia, July 2012.

  • Electron-Ion Collisions at a Large Hadron electron Collider
    Parallel session talk from ICHEP 2012 , Melbourne, Australia, July 2012.

  • Diffractive, Elastic and Total Cross Sections from early LHC Data,
    Seminar at IPPP, Durham, May 2012.

  • Summary Talk from Future Physics Session (LHC upgrades, including LHeC), with Elke Aschenauer
    from DIS 2012 , Bonn, Germany, March 2012.

  • Diffraction and Multi-Parton Interactions: an Experimental Perspective
    from MPI 2011 , Hamburg, Germany, November 2011.

  • Diffractive and Exclusive Processes in ep Scattering at the LHeC
    from DIS 2011 , Newport News, USA, April 2011.

  • Stuff: what is it?... and why does it stick together?
    Professorial Inaugural Lecture, March 2011

  • QCD at ATLAS: The Story so Far
    from Excited QCD 2011 , Les Houches, France, February 2011.

  • Inclusive Deep Inelastic Scattering at HERA
    from Diffraction 2010 , Otranto, Italy, September 2010.

  • Diffraction from HERA to the LHC
    from Diffraction 2010 , Otranto, Italy, September 2010.
    See also similar talk at LHC Physics Centre Diffraction Day , CERN, May 2010.

  • Diffraction at HERA
    Lectures from Summer School on High Energy Diffractive & EM Processes , Acquafredda, Italy, September 2010.

  • Inclusive Diffraction and Related Topics at HERA
    from ICHEP 2010 , Paris, July 2010.

  • Diffractive Factorisation and Rapidity Gap Survival at HERA
    from the Workshop on Forward Physics at the LHC , Manchester, December 2009.

  • Summary talk on Physics at High Parton Densities
    from 2nd CERN-ECFA-NuPECC LHeC Workshop , Divonne, France, September 2009.
    See also talks on low-x detector requirements and diffractive observables at the same meeting.

  • Low x and Diffractive Physics at an LHeC
    from EDS 09 (Blois) , CERN, July 2009.

  • Inclusive Diffraction and Factorisation Tests at HERA
    from PHOTON 09 , DESY Hamburg, May 2009.

  • Jets in Diffractive Photoproduction and Diffractive Factorisation
    from DIS 09 , Madrid, April 2009.

  • Recent Highlights of HERA and Deep Inelastic Scattering
    from UK IOP HEPP Group meeting , Oxford, April 2009.

  • DIS at the TeV Scale: A Summary of the 1st LHeC Workshop
    from Ringberg Workshop on new Trends in HERA Physics , Schloss Ringberg, October 2008.

  • Summary talk on Physics at High Parton Densities (with Nestor Armesto)
    from 1st ECFA-CERN LHeC Workshop , Divonne, France, September 2008.
    See also talks on low-x observables and establishing parton saturation at the same meeting.

  • From HERA to the LHC and the Future of DIS
    from IOP meeting: `A Celebration of HERA and the UK Role' , RAL, June 2008.

  • Experimental Diffraction from HERA to the LHC (with Valery Khoze)
    from IVth HERA-LHC workshop , CERN, May 2008.
    See also similar talk (with Markus Diehl) from DIS08, London , April 2008

  • New Results on Hard Diffraction from HERA and the Tevatron
    From HCP07, Elba, Italy, May 2007

  • Low x Physics in DIS with Ep=7 TeV and Ee= 70 GeV at the LHeC
    From DIS2007, Munich, April 2007

  • H1 2006 Diffractive Parton Densities: Updates and Practicalities
    From 3rd HERA-LHC workshop, DESY, March 2007

  • `Diffractive' Deep Inelastic Scattering: the Structure of Nothing
    Particle Physics Seminar given in Birmingham, Lancaster, Manchester, 2006/7

  • What is a Proton?
    Departmental Colloquium given in Birmingham, December 2006

  • The LHeC Project: Deep Inelastic Scattering with Ee=70 GeV and Ep=7 TeV
    From 2nd workshop on the QCD Structure of the Nucleon, Roma, June 2006

  • Summary Talk from Diffractive Sessions
    From 2nd HERA-LHC workshop, CERN, June 2006 (with Valery Khoze)

  • Diffraction and the LHeC
    From 2nd HERA-LHC workshop, CERN, June 2006

  • Diffractive Cross Sections and Parton Densities from Rapidity Gap and Leading Proton Measurements
    From DIS2006, Tsukuba, Japan, April 2006

  • HERA Diffractive Structure Function Data and Parton Distributions
    From final meeting of 1st HERA-LHC Workshop, DESY, March 2005 (with Frank-Peter Schilling)

  • H1 Status and Prospects, May 2004
    Presentation to the Open Session of the 57th DESY PRC, May 2004

  • Selected Recent Highlights from Lepton-Nucleon Scattering at HERA
    From UK Institute of Physics HEP Conference, Birmingham, April 2004

  • Hadronic Final States and QCD: HERA as a Preparation for LHC
    From Workshop on Precision Measurements at LHC, Binn, Switzerland, October 2003

  • Deep Inelastic Lepton Nucleon Scattering at HERA
    From Lepton Photon Symposium, Fermilab, August 2003

  • Preview of H1 Results for the EPS'03 Conference
    From DESY seminar, July 2003

  • Unpolarised Deep Inelastic Scattering at HERA
    From HERA-III workshop, December 2002, Munich

  • H1 Results on Inclusive Diffraction
    From Low x workshop September 2002, Antwerpen

  • Prospects for Diffraction at HERA II
    From DIS02, April 2002, Cracow

  • Inclusive and Semi-Inclusive Cross Sections at Low x at HERA
    From LISHEP02, February 2002, Rio de Janeiro

  • Hard Diffraction at HERA
    From DESY Forum, November 2001 (with Arthur Hebecker)

  • Measurements of the Diffractive Structure Function F2D(3) at HERA
    From EPS01, July 2001, Budapest

  • HERA, Past, Present and Future
    Seminar given in Birmingham, 2000

  • There is Diffraction at HERA-2!
    From H1 Meeting on Prospects for Physics at HERA-2, December 2000.

  • HERA Status Report, November 2000
    Presentation to the UK Particle Physics Committee.

  • H1 Status Report, October 2000
    Presentation to the Open Session of the 50th DESY PRC.

  • Inclusive Diffraction at HERA
    From ICHEP00, July 2000, Osaka

  • Diffractive Deep-Inelastic Scattering
    Seminar given at UCL 2000, Lancaster, Manchester, 1999, Birmingham, Oxford 1998

  • A Fast Track Trigger with High Resolution for H1
    Funding request to the UK PPESP, December 1999

  • Low-x and Diffractive Physics at HERA, LEP and the Tevatron
    From the UK Collider Phenomenology Workshop, September 1999, Durham

  • H1 Measurements of Open b Production
    From DIS99, April 1999, Zeuthen, Germany

  • Diffractive Phenomena at HERA
    From Hadron Structure 98, Stara Lesna

  • Diffractive Deep-Inelastic Scattering
    Seminar given in Birmingham and Oxford, 1998

  • Diffraction and Leading Baryon Production
    From the HERA MC Workshop 1998

  • Diffractive Scattering at HERA
    From Moriond QCD and Hadronic Interactions 1998

  • Summary of Diffractive Parallel Sessions
    From DIS 1997 Chicago (with Dave Soper)

  • Diffractive Dissociation in Photoproduction
    From DIS 1997 Chicago

  • Inclusive Measurements of Diffraction throughout the HERA Q2 Range
    From DIS 1996 Roma

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